About Us!

Youth Scotland is the network of youth clubs and groups across Scotland.

We are the largest non-uniformed youth organisation in Scotland and deliver quality youth work programmes, information, resources, training and support to community-based youth work.

The organisation has been in existence since the early years of the 20th century and has a membership of 1,209 groups, with 60,841 young people and 7,396 youth workers.   

In addition, we have supported over 40,000 young people to gain recognition for their achievements via 63 operating agencies (including local authorities, voluntary agencies, colleges and schools) and 442 participating units (including youth groups, volunteer centres, youth councils and schools).

The Youth Scotland membership is diverse, ranging from small rural youth groups to large urban projects. The common goal that we all share is better outcomes for young people. 

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Mission and Strategic Aims

The organisation aims to:

1.         Support young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors in their youth groups and communities.

2.         Deliver more choices and opportunities for young people by increasing the effectiveness of those who work with them, particularly voluntary and part-time youth workers.

3.         Improve the life chances of young people by sustaining and developing strong and resilient community based youth work.

4.         Build our reputation for high quality, effective and efficient services and continue to work in partnership with others to generate innovative responses to new challenges.

5.         Build efficient and effective systems to maintain good practice in all aspects of the management of a national youth work organisation.

View Youth Scotland's Strategic Plan 2013-2016.


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