Membership Benefits

The benefits of joining Youth Scotland

Youth Scotland membership is open to groups that use a youth work approach to work with young people.  To become a full member of Youth Scotland you should be able to demonstrate that you are delivering community based youth work where:   

  • Young people choose to participate. The young person takes part voluntarily.  It is the young person's decision to engage or to walk away.
  • The work builds from where young people are.  The young person's life experience is respected and young people are involved in shaping the agenda in negotiation with peers and youth workers.   
  • The group recognises the young person and the youth worker as partners in a learning process.  The young person is recognised as an active partner who can, and should, have opportunities and resources to shape their lives. 

For information about the benefits of Youth Scotland membership, download A Guide to Membership & Insurance and the PVG Scheme Info Sheet below.

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