Raising Your Game 

A toolkit for improving volunteer practice. 

Raising your game is a free tookit for improving volunteer practice in local youth groups and organisations. It has been designed as a partner to Growing better youth work - A guide to strengthening your volunteer team, and provides a framework to enable youth groups and organisations to support and develop leaders and volunteers.

Raising your game can lead to improved practices; supported and empowered leaders and volunteers; and a thriving club environment for young people, leaders and volunteers.

Raising your game has been developed by Youth Scotland as a do-it-yourself activity toolkit. The kit contains all the tools you need to help you but we recommend you attend an initial briefing session to help you get started.

On this page:

  • Who is Raising your game for?
  • How does it work?
  • How long will it take?
  • How do you get started?

    Who is Raising your game for?

    Raising your game is for youth groups and organisations throughout Scotland wanting to improve support for leaders and volunteers. It can be used equally by youth groups which are led and run by volunteers and by youth groups which have part-time and full-time youth workers.

    The most important ingredient is that you and your youth group, or organisation, are committed to finding ways to raise your game.

    How does it work?

    Raising your game uses a simple three-stage learning process:

    • Stage 1 - Identifying your starting point

    Stage 1 involves you completing a selfassessment activity to help identify strengths and weaknesses in volunteering. You are then invited to prioritise and focus on one volunteer topic for improving practice in your youth group.

    • Stage 2 - Planning action tasks

    Stage 2 helps you to plan tasks alongside the normal activities of your group so that you learn through action.

    For example, you may decide to focus on recruiting new leaders or you may want to develop ways for young people to start volunteering. Giving attention to these activities helps you to recognise and value the important role that volunteers play in supporting young people in the youth group.

    • Stage 3 - Reflecting on and evaluating experience

    Stage 3 asks you to reflect on and evaluate your experience and progress, to identify new volunteer topics and to plan new tasks. When you return your completed feedback sheet then we will send you your first Improving Volunteer Practice certificate.

    How long will it take?

    How long this process takes will depend on the tasks you design for your volunteer topic, the urgency for change and development for your group and how much time and resources you can commit to the volunteer topic. You may decide on a task that will take about three months to complete, and then take a break before you start working on your next volunteer topic. Over time you may choose to tackle one volunteer topic each year, creating a pathway of continuous improvement.

    How do you get started?

    Order your free Raising your game kit by completing the form below and returning to Youth Scotland. Youth Scotland will contact you in the future to see how you are getting on and if you would like any further support and guidance in using the kit.

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