Fair's Fair 

Fair's Fair   – the youth work Fair Trade Toolkit

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The Fair’s Fair Toolkit, was developed by Youth Scotland, Young People Taking the Lead youth mentors and the Scottish Fair Trade Forum.  It is designed to be used in a youth work setting for group discussion on a range of issues relating to Fair Trade and its role in our everyday choices of things such as food, clothing, cosmetics or even electronics.

The pack contains:

1. Statement cards on the themes of Food, Cosmetics & Electronics, Jobs & Equality, Clothing & Sport and Fair Trade in Scotland.

2. Guidance notes with facts and information about each of these themes to help the group leader facilitate the discussion.

3. Facilitator's notes with ideas on how the pack can be used.

4. A Handbook for Fair Trade Campaigners with more detailed information about Fair Trade. 

The Scottish Fair Trade Forum website has a page dedicated to grants that might be available to support action projects that are developed as a result of using the Toolkit – FAIR TRADE GRANTS


The Fair’s Fair Toolkit is free to pick up at Youth Scotland events and from the office but there is a £5 postage fee.  Use the Youth Scotland RESOURCE ORDER FORM to order your copy.

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