Our Impact

Youth Scotland’s work reaches 60,000 young people and supports 8,000 youth workers. This section highlights just some of the real impact this makes nationally in a challenging youth work landscape.

66k Youth Scotland work with 66,000 young people.
8.2k Youth Scotland supports 8,200 youth workers of whom 5,300 are volunteers
1.45k Youth Scotland is made of of 1,450 member groups across the country
Doing the Platinum YAA changed my life so much. When I started it, I hated talking in front of people and doing presentations but my confidence increased massively through my Platinum YAA. I had to talk in front of groups for my placements so I got used to it and got more confident in doing that. Since I’ve done it I’ve seen a massive difference in what I can do.
Kayleigh Haggo

More Stories

William's story

William, 22, is now in the final stages of completing his Platinum YAA and already has two: a Bronze YAA and a Silver YAA. His journey with YAA over the past six years has given him new qualifications and experiences. He feels they have made him more employable, helped to improve his literacy and provided leadership opportunities.

You can read more about William and many more like him on our publication Youth Scotland’s Awards: Supporting young people to achieve their potential — their stories

YS Awards - Supporting Young People to Achieve Their Potential - Their Stories WEB.pdf

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