Generation CashBack - Story of Year 2

Read how Generation CashBack continues to make an impact in Scotland's most disadvantaged communities.

This is the story of year 2 of Generation CashBack.

Year 2 saw Generation Cashback go from strength to strength as we built on our learning and foundation from Year 1. 

The programme has been very successful in meeting or exceeding its targets. This reflects provision that responds to young peoples’ interests, leading to greater reach and retention. Through provision of a broad range of opportunities, youth groups are supporting young people from the most deprived areas of Scotland to achieve a range of positive outcomes. These include becoming more confident, sociable, skilled, ambitious, engaged and connected to their communities.

The qualitative and quantitative data available shows Generation CashBack has had a positive impact on all eight outcomes; the following statistics highlights some of its main achievements:

  • 82% of young people report Generation CashBack activity has had a positive impact on their behaviour
  • 3,574 the total number of young people Generation CashBack has engaged with in year two
  • 10,456 the number of hours young people have contributed to volunteering
  • 83% report that Generation CashBack has made them think about what they want to do in the future

Our existing Generation Cashback groups continue to be supported through our consortium membership structures as part of our focus on sustainability. Young people across all 32 Local Authorities will have been supported through the programme.

Looking ahead to Year 3, we are confident that we will exceed our overall targets and demonstrate the real difference that community-based youth work can make in the lives of young people in disadvantaged communities.

I was getting in a lot of trouble with the police before I started coming along. The youth workers helped me get my life together and make new friends away from the trouble I was in.

You can download the brand-new Generation CashBack Annual Report for year 2 below. Packed with insight, statistics, quotes, case studies and demonstrable results, this colourful report shows just how CashBack for Communities has made a difference.

If you'd like to find out more about Generation CashBack, you can read more on this page

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