Generation CashBack - Story of Year 3

The story of 2019–20 is the culmination of the success of Generation CashBack across 3 years of growth, support and partnership. Read the story of how the programme delivered in year 3.

This is the story of year 3 of Generation CashBack.

Phase 4 of Generation CashBack can undoubtedly be seen as a success story. Each year the evaluation has identified consistent evidence of the programme’s positive impacts. Key to that success has been the role of the Local Development Officer (LDO), who has provided a tailored, proactive support package for youth groups involved in the programme, with the aim of creating a self-sustaining delivery infrastructure.

Through a youth work approach, there has been a substantial depth and breadth to opportunities afforded to young people, particularly in areas affected by SIMD factors and inequalities. Success is evidenced by the following findings:

  • 93% of young people report Generation CashBack activity has had a positive impact on their behaviour
  • 3,700 the total number of young people Generation CashBack has engaged with in year three
  • 17,724 the number of hours young people have contributed to volunteering
  • 94% report that Generation CashBack has made them think about what they want to do in the future
  • 100% feel that Generation CashBack has contributed to their wellbeing

The programme has matured, generating efficiencies, knowledge, and successes to build on. The consortium has worked on, and overcome, the various challenges presented in targeted delivery. Above and beyond key programme targets, the consortium tackled a wide range of issues affecting youth groups. Examples include: sectarianism, racism, anti-social behaviour, body image, substance use, consent and personal safety, self-esteem and mental health.

Additionally, The programme helped grow grassroots youth work across the consortium and helped groups become established and grow their provision.

We’ve increased our youth provision in the area which would’ve been impossible without the initial seed support from Generation CashBack, we’ve gone from doing one youth group a week to three!” Generation CashBack Grow group

You can download the brand-new Generation CashBack Annual Report for year 3 below. Packed with insight, statistics, quotes, case studies and demonstrable results, this colourful report shows just how CashBack for Communities has made a difference.

If you'd like to find out more about Generation CashBack, you can read more on this page

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