Naomi's Story - The Big Music Project

Naomi is a young performer who participated in The Big Music Project and performed at The Live event; this is her journey.

Naomi DJing at The Live Event

Naomi joined The Big Music Project in July 2016, attending her local hub meetings and other programmes that her local YMCA offered. David, her youth worker, identified at an early stage that Naomi had a real talent for DJing and this was an outlet for her ongoing challenges.

Since being involved with The Big Music Project, she has started running her own DJ events under the name of DJ Poodle and has developed some enthusiasm for making it as a professional DJ. This has all came through her enjoyment of music production and her great network of friends and socialising skills. She has been promoting her events through word of mouth, social media and attending events such as The Big Music Champions Development Day – of which her music was played during the setup of the Open Mic Session.

Read her full story below!

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