Stand Up to Sectarianism - case study

Youth Scotland's anti-sectarianism programme continues to grow and moved from raising awareness to young people actively changing their community

We show the young people what sectarianism is, how banter hurts, and how if you’re called a “fenian” or a “hun” every day of the week, eventually you begin to believe that about yourself and then it pushes people into the extremes. Then as time goes on, people start to talk about sectarianism and then other issues come up.

The case study presents the voices of workers and participants who explain how the programme has had an effect on them but also on their community.

Stand Up to Sectarianism successfully delivers youth worker training, peer education, a small grants scheme, resources and networking opportunities for young people through innovative means.

Residential trips give the young people the opportunity to learn about sectarianism in an environment that gives context and where they can talk openly and ask questions in a safe space. 

You can read more about the fantastic impact Stand Up to Sectarianism has had so far and some more facts in the case study. 

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