Stand Up to Sectarianism's Short Films

Youth Scotland’s Stand Up to Sectarianism, in Partnership with Leith Community Cinema and Media Education presents Stand Up to Sectarianism's Short Films: Celebrating Young People's contribution to tackling sectarianism in modern Scotland

In a recent community cinema screening, Youth Scotland was proud to partner with young people from community groups to present a series of moving and thought-provoking films, capturing their work and thoughts on standing up to sectarianism.

Niko – To My Brother in Green


Manju - My Story


Us and Them

Youth Work Games 2017

Sectarianism continues to be a thorny issue for many communities in Scotland. Over the past year, young people from across Scotland have searched for ways to initiate difficult conversations around sectarianism and discrimination. These are short films created by young people which challenge assumptions and loyalties in order to encourage new ways of thinking when addressing difficult issues in the community. 

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