Turf’s story

Making a grassroots difference with member group Turf in Pollok, Glasgow

Turf is a community youth project based in the Pollok area of Greater Glasgow. Supported by our Generation CashBack project, which has provided training and resources, it has grown exponentially to become a space that attracts up to 100 young people over two sessions per week.

We’ve got young people now who are openly talking about issues that affect them like sexual exploitation, drug and alcohol awareness, talking about friends who are drinking, mental health is a big issue in Pollok, so I think there’s massive impacts in Pollok. Josh

In two new case studies we hear from Turf’s founders, an elected local representative, two youth workers and the group’s young people. They tell us how a community-based youth group has had a huge impact on themselves and the wider community.

Turf are a fantastic group making a real difference in their local community, and we are very proud to play our part in their story – read about it and how CashBack has made a difference on our website.

Please enjoy the view from the team at Turf and some great insight from young people who come to the club in the downloads below!

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