Why Use Our Awards?

Check out our short film on what youth workers and young people told us about our awards.


Why use Youth Scotland’s Awards in community-based youth work?

We took a trip to Coatbridge to ask youth workers and young people exactly that question. They talked to us about the difference that Youth Scotland’s Awards are making to them and their communities. 

We are starting with a short short film (16 min), where youth workers and young people told us how and why they are using our awards and why you should too!

Definitely. I would do it; 100%. The change it’s made in our kids? Definitely. We put through about 40 kids in Hi5 and Dynamic Youth Awards. We used our Monday class as a trial, as pilot to see how it go and now, we’re hoping by 2022 that every single person that attends Shining Stars will have an award. Katie and Wendy, Shining Stars

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