William's story

William, 22, has recently completed his Platinum YAA and already has two: a Bronze YAA and a Silver YAA.

William's journey with YAA over the past six years has given him new qualifications and experiences. He feels they have made him more employable, helped to improve his literacy and provided leadership opportunities.

William’s own Platinum YAA adds to his impressive collection of Silver and Bronze awards. He also became the 50,000th recipient of a YAA from Youth Scotland, but his journey with the awards began six years ago. He told us about what the journey was like and what he felt he had gained from the experience.

“I enjoy building my confidence and self-esteem and helping others through my YAA, and increasing my leadership skills. They’re also great for my CV; they show employers that I’m keen. Taking part in my YAA has helped me learn how to organise a folder and gain skills and experience by trying something different. I used to be quite shy but now I’ve taken on a leadership role at the Oasis Youth Project by chairing meetings and supporting young people.

My line manager has noticed, even my wee sister has noticed, how much they have built my confidence.

I would recommend YAA to other young people because it’s helped me so much in my life."

My YAA made me try something more, put myself out of my comfort zone. They’re good for your CV and for employers to look at. They also help to build skills and experience. My plan for the future is to do my SVQ Level 3 in Youth Work, and also to continue what I’m doing now as a youth worker. Doing the YAA has made me realise that I want to do more youth work.”

This will be my first ever Advanced Higher on my Certificate and I’m quite happy to see it.

I never enjoyed my school experience but I’ve enjoyed doing the YAA.

One of the biggest changes? I decided that I could do it and that I didn’t need to be apologetic for being myself. The YAA taught me that I definitely wanted to do something with my life and not just worry about things. University would have been a very different experience if I hadn’t come out of my shell as much.

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