Y sort It's Story

Generation CashBack’s crucial role in a fast-changing youth work context for member group Y sort It

Based in Clydebank, Youth Scotland member group Y Sort it, supported by Generation CashBack, offers programmes and activities for young people across the local communities in West Dunbartonshire. Flexible support from Youth Scotland enabled staff at Y Sort It to adapt and upskill, so their essential youth work offer could continue throughout lockdown.

For these case studies, we hear from Allan Young, Youth Work and Outreach Co-ordinator at Y Sort It. We also hear about A Lifeline in Lockdown - Amanda and Charlotte* on feeling connected and safe through Generation CashBack activities.

*Pseudonyms have been used to protect anonymity

“We’re keen to keep the digital youth work going as well. Through Stuart (LDO) we’ve managed to get some more issue-based groups going. Having the LDOs in to facilitate those sessions it means that our other two staff have been freed up to focus on the play and detached sessions, otherwise they would have been dropped. They’ve helped us to put together a programme of activity, for example ‘Be Internet Citizens’ will help young people explore a range of topics from fake news to hateful content.” Allan from Y sort It

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