Resources and training

Youth Scotland has a number of training options and resources to help the delivery of the Dynamic Youth Awards

Dynamic Youth Awards training

Youth Scotland are offering introductory training events which are open to anyone interested in supporting young people gain a Dynamic Youth Award or simply looking to find out more about our youth awards in general.

The training provides workers, teachers, parents or any interested party with an understanding of the Awards and how they can be used as part of existing activities or new activities to recognise young people's achievements.

Through the training, participants will gain a working knowledge of the Hi5 Awards, enabling them to effectively promote, support and deliver the awards within their schools, clubs or individual settings.

This training is recommended for anyone wishing to deliver Dynamic Youth Awards. You can download all current dates for Youth Scotland awards training at the bottom of this page.

New awards activity pack

These new general activity packs have been designed to help with the delivery of any youth awards and contain:

  • draw string bag
  • been bags
  • ropes
  • plastic frogs
  • laminated templates
  • juggling balls
  • and a USB with all the games instructions

They can be used for group work, team building, target setting, assessment and not forgetting FUN! The packs can be ordered by clicking here

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