How to complete an award

Learn how you can go about completing a Hi5 Award

How to complete an Award

The Hi5 Award is based on the activities that your project or programme offers and follows a plan-do-review structure.

  • Plan - The young person sets themselves a challenge based on an activity or series of activities they have freely chosen
  • Do- The young person completes their challenge, gathering evidence of their participation and achievements as they go
  • Review - The young person thinks about, and comments on, how they performed in their challenge

For a young person to gain an award and receive a personalised certificate, a completed challenge sheet with evidence of their participation must be provided.

Full step-by-step instructions on completing the award can be found in the guidelines which can be downloaded below. 

How to claim certificates

Before you claim Hi5 Certificates you must first check and confirm that all the requirements of the award have been met. To do this, a candidate registration form must be completed and emailed to

The candidate registration form can be downloaded from the bottom of this page. Please ensure that all tabs/pages of the candidate registration form are completed in full. You must hold on to the completed challenge sheets for 15 working days after submitting the certificate claim form in case you are selected for sampling as part of our quality assurance process.

Standardisation dates

Standardisation takes place at Youth Scotland, Balfour House, Bonnington Grove, Edinburgh, EH6 4BL. Check below for all upcoming moderation dates.

16 August 2019 - Click to book

30 August 2019 - Click to book

13 September 2019 - Click to book

27 September 2019 - Click to book

11 October 2019 - Click to book

25 October 2019 - Click to book

8 November 2019 - Click to book

6 December 2019 - Click to book

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