CashBack for Communities

Generation CashBack is a CashBack for Communities project, delivered by a consortium and funded by Scottish Government.

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Generation CashBack

Funded by Scottish Government through CashBack for Communities, Generation CashBack is delivered by a consortium of The Boys Brigade Scotland, Girlguiding Scotland, Scouts Scotland and Youth Scotland. The overall project is managed by Youth Scotland.

The project runs from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2020 and supports the Scottish Government’s aim to tackle inequalities by having a greater focus on young people from areas of deprivation and other disadvantaged young people.

There are 4 strands to Generation CashBack:

Generation CashBack ensures reach into communities throughout Scotland, delivering a menu of support and activity to young people (aged 10-24) not currently able to access these opportunities.

There are 4 strands to Generation CashBack:

  1. Start-Up
    establishes new member groups in target areas, offering Development Worker support, resources and finance for establishment costs and training.
  2. Grow
    develops and grows provision for existing member groups in target areas. GC Grow offers Development Worker support, resources and finance to introduce new and broader participation, training and leadership opportunities for the young people involved.
  3. Lead
    offers leadership and employability skills for young people in target areas to improve their self-confidence and increase their learning.
  4. Events
    provides a platform for young people to apply the skills learnt through leadership training. This annual event is facilitated and delivered by young people who have been involved in Generation CashBack and builds on the Youth Scotland co-production approach to design and delivery of young person events.

CashBack for Communities Phase 4 funding has a stronger focus on helping tackle Scotland’s inequalities and aims to raise the attainment, ambition and aspirations of those young people across Scotland who are disadvantaged by:

  • Living in areas of deprivation; and
  • Being unemployed, not in education or training; and/or
  • Being excluded, or at risk of exclusion from school; and/or
  • Being at risk of being involved in antisocial behaviour, offending/re-offending

Read about the impact of Phase 3

At the foot of this page you can download two inspiring and colourful infographics that show the impact of CashBack for Communities in Phase 3. Read about how the consortium of Boys’ Brigade Scotland, Girl Guiding Scotland, Scouts Scotland, Girls’ Brigade Scotland and Youth Scotland made a difference in young people's lives.

Phase 3 Infographics

To find out more about Generation CashBack, contact Jo MacDonald

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