Let's Give Sport Back to Girls

In partnership with Inch Park Community Sports, Youth Scotland is delivering the Let’s Give Sport Back to Girls project. Inch Park Community Sports is focused on improving the wellbeing of the community, actively finding ways of engaging those who haven’t traditionally enjoyed the benefits of sport and physical activities.

Encouraging, motivating & supporting engagement & participation in sports & physical activities is the driver to ‘spark’ positive impact to individuals and local communities.

The Let’s Give Sport Back to Girls project aims to provide opportunities for young girls to participate in sports & physical activities.


  • Delivering consultation sessions with the target group of girls, we listen, give girls a ‘Voice & Choice’ to shape their future experiences in sporting activities, for many girls, changing a negative experience into a positive one that they want to engage with.


  • Implement a strategic plan for inventions & initiatives to make sport and physical activities more attractive for girls to engage with.
  • Address barriers & stigmas young girls portrait to participation: body image, physical body changes, lack of confidence & self-esteem, choice of activities, competitive sports, accessibility of activities & the desire for increased choice and availability for Girls Only Sessions


  • Girls who may not traditionally participate, are better able to take part in Sport and Physical Activities.
  • Girls shape Sports & Physical Activities into a Positive Experience.
  • Girls are more confident about trying new activities.
  • Girls have increased levels of confidence and self-esteem.
  • Girls value and feel more positive about their health & well being.


For more information about the Let’s Give Sport Back to Girls project contact amanda.fraser@youthscotland.org.uk

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