Money for Life Masterclass

The Money Masterclass

The Money Masterclass has been co-designed by young people and is delivered by peer educators, called Money Champions, alongside youth workers.

The Money Champions are young people chosen by you and trained by us to support in the delivery of this programme. Champions will receive the necessary tools to deliver the money management training alongside their youth workers and support other young people to develop and lead their own community projects.

The Money Masterclass – an overview:

The Money Masterclass is split up into four short modules of around 1-2 hours covering a range of topics relevant to the lives of young people. The modules are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to suit each youth group and the young people they work with and the programmes they currently deliver. Youth groups can choose to deliver the training in one session or over a series of sessions, depending on what works best for them.


Module 1: You and Your Money

Young people are introduced to the course and some financial basics from reading a bank statement to understanding how tax works. We will look at attitudes to money and find out any existing financial knowledge.


Module 2: Surviving ‘til Pay Day

This module is all about budgeting and making money go that little bit further. Young people will create step by step budgeting guide that includes identifying ways to save.


Module 3: Independence Day

Here we explore all the costs involved in moving away from home, from paying bills to furnishing a property and getting the best value for money. Using real life examples, we look at buying items on credit and how to avoid the risk of debt through hidden costs and   high interest rates. 


Module 4:  Your Money Talks

The training wraps up by looking at credit scores, what they are, when we come across them and what we can do to improve them. We get young people to think about the importance of every day decisions and the implications these have for their future.


Over 3 years Money for Life aims to reach over 30,000 young people across the UK through our Money Masterclass.Here’s how we’re doing so far:

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