First Aid Ready - Are You?

A new programme to develop both young people and adults in Emergency First Aid Courses delivered by First Aid Ready Champions (Peer Educators) supported by Mentors (Workers/Volunteers).

First Aid Ready has been co-produced by young people and adults, and piloted over the past 2 years at local, regional and national events, with over 500 young people given First Aid Ready Awareness training and two pilot First Aid Ready Hubs in operation, we are seeing fantastic results and changing attitudes to being First Aid Ready!

To meet the needs of our First Aid requirements across our membership, by empowering young people through practical and interactive learning.  Through peer education approaches young people can take a further leadership role and undertake training to become a First Aid Ready Champion.

To become a First Aid Ready Hub you need to attend the Trainers & Champions training which takes place over 2 Full Days, and we have two specially arranged weekends in early 2017 for you to become a new First Aid Ready Hub.

Each Interested Hub should endeavour to recruit a team of 5-6 people, including 2 Mentors (18yrs+) and up to 4 Champions (14yrs+), each place is offered at £50.00 per person including accommodation, training, meals etc.

Interest is high and places are limited, don't miss out in your chance to become a Hub and become a vital anchor in your community to provide essential if not lifesaving training within your groups, schools and communities.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about First Aid Ready, please contact Paul McIlvenny, Senior Development Worker on 0131 554 2561 or email

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