Young Islanders Network

The Young Islanders Network aims to build a network and community for young people in island communites

 Young Islanders Network logos: Youth Scotland and Scottish Government

Following a hugely successful pilot with the Young Islanders Challenge, Youth Scotland are delighted to continue our work with Scotland’s young people from island communities to build the Young Islanders Network.

The Young Islanders Network, delivered in partnership with Scottish Government and the National Islands Plan, aims to build a network and community for young people to play a meaningful part in making the National Islands Plan work for Young Islanders!

We have launched a fantastic new website for YIN and you can get involved here

What’s next for the Young Islander’s Network?

  • Young Islanders Champions will keep learning together and take part in fun activities.
  • Young people will be supported to increase their understanding of Scotland’s National Islands Plan, so that they can offer genuine and meaningful contributions to its delivery.
  • Young people will come together and implement change through community challenges and social action funding opportunities in their local areas.
  • The Young Islanders Champions will put youth voice into action by working with Youth Scotland and Scottish Government to implement changes in policies and outcomes for Young Islanders.
  • Young people and those working with young people across the islands have gained the confidence, skills and knowledge they need to support their mental health and wellbeing through training opportunities and youth awards.

How do I get involved or find out more?

You can download a flyer/poster at the bottom of this page or get in touch with our Senior Development Worker (Young Islanders Network) Naomi at the address below!

What did we do during the Young Islanders Challenge?

The Young Islanders Challenge was created to give a voice to young people living in our island communities. We wanted you to tell us:

  • Issues that affect your lives.
  • What are the good and bad things about island life? What would you change if you could?
  • What would you like a Young Islanders Network to do and achieve?
  • You told us that life on the islands is rooted in your communities – which you felt were safe – surrounded by beautiful scenery and great access to outdoor activities and local events. But…

Some of the issues young people identified were:

  • There’s a lack of things for young people to do.
  • Cost of living is a barrier, including travel on/off/around the islands and in housing.
  • Connectivity is a challenge, online and in person.
  • Education has issues with less opportunities and specialism locally.

Lots of young people also achieved a Hi5 Award or Dynamic Youth Award and the people working with the young islanders were supported to access training and develop their skills.

To find out more about the Young Islanders Network, contact Naomi Macdonald

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