Amazing Things (4th edition)

The fourth edition of 'Amazing Things' - a guide to the youth awards in Scotland' celebrates the great wealth of opportunity offered by the youth awards.

Amazing Things, 4th edition, is the flagship publication for the Awards Network. Youth Scotland are proud members and just 1 of 26 featured youth award providers. The 4th edition, is packed with information that will help young people, educators and employers learn more about youth awards and how they contribute to young people’s learning, life and work skills development.

In his Foreword to Amazing Things, John Swinney MSP, Deputy First Minister and Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, highlights the important contribution that youth awards make to raising attainment and to developing key skills valued by employers. Hugh Aitken CBE, CBI Scotland Director, echoes these remarks, commending youth awards for helping young people develop a ‘can do attitude – exactly what we (employers) want to see in the workforce’.

A keynote contribution from Jim Thewliss, General Secretary of School Leaders Scotland, notes how youth awards have developed ‘from curriculum enhancements to fundamental building blocks’.

And from young people themselves:

Graeme – “Gaining my award is an amazing achievement. I have learned so many new skills, met so many new friends and this has boosted my confidence”

Stephanie – “From self-management to making the most of new opportunities (my award) has given me the chance to grow as a person”

Amazing Things features 48 award programmes, many providing multiple levels of progression and almost half delivering formal qualifications. Find out about key award elements, age ranges, distinctive features, skills and competences and links to other awards.

Graeme Logan, Chief Inspector of Education, encourages ‘everyone who works with young people – in schools, youth work settings, further education or in the workplace to make best use of this excellent resource’.

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