Creative Arts Activity Toolkit

Youth Scotland's Creative Arts Activity Toolkit is the perfect way to introduce music, dance, drama or creative writing to your youth work.

Youth Scotland's Creative Arts Activity Toolkit is the perfect way to get creative with your youth group!

The Youth Scotland Creative Arts Activity Toolkit

This toolkit is designed to encourage young people to participate in the creative arts  in a safe fun environment. The activities can also be used to contribute towards a Hi5, Dynamic Youth award or a Youth Achievement Award

Multiple activities from this toolkit can contribute to an overall Hi5 Award, DYA or YAA challenge to meet the minimum hours required for each award. Script Writing, Top of the Props and then Creative Video could be used together to produce a final creative arts award.

The minimum number of hours needed on activities for Hi5 & DYA is 5 hours and 10 hours for one YAA challenge. The toolkit can be used flexibly and includes a wide selection of activities that vary in duration and complexity. To get young people started on an award, simply choose an activity from the toolkit and start their chosen award with the challenge title: Take part in creative arts activities.

We are delighted to offer this toolkit as a free download to all youth workers. Download below.

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