Stand Up to Sectarianism Video Resources

Sectarianism continues to be a thorny issue for many communities in Scotland. Young people from across Scotland have searched for ways to initiate difficult conversations around sectarianism and discrimination. These are short films created by young people which challenge assumptions and loyalties in order to encourage new ways of thinking when addressing difficult issues in the community.

The Stand Up To Sectarianism project addresses a difficult and challenging subject, but one which finds youth workers in prime position to build on existing relationships, be positive role models and empower young people to build a better Scotland for themselves and their families.

The short films in this playlist were created by young people from across Scotland as part of the Stand Up project. Please note that some of the films contain sectarian language and some viewers might find the content offensive.

Stand Up to Sectarianism short film playlist 

The videos are designed to spark conversations. The downloadable resource at the bottom can help navigate and guide these conversations.  


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