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The Youth Scotland Web Site is intended to provide information on the Youth Scotland organisation and its services. Please see below for more detail on our privacy policy, cookies and data protection.

Terms & conditions

Campaign to save youth work services as figures reveal millions in cuts

The #InvestInYouthWork campaign is supported by youth work organisations across Scotland and has been launched with Celebrity Chef Tom Kitchin, who is a passionate advocate for the life changing impact of youth work.

Strategy & Values

Read about our values and strategy for 2016-19, “Changing Lives Through Youth Work”


Find more information on how we are governed, our accounts and our annual report


Youth Scotland hold an Annual General Meeting each year


Groups can join Youth Scotland in 3 simple steps. Read on to see how your group can be part of Scotland's network for community-based youth work. Check these 3 steps to join today!

Membership Checklist

Our checklist highlights the main important eligibility criteria for groups to follow in order to become a Youth Scotland Member. Please also refer to our Magnet Magazine for more information.

Member services & benefits

Getting membership to Youth Scotland is quick, easy and affordable and comes with a great package of benefits to any youth group, old or new. Our membership network is made up of local youth groups of all sizes, area associations and Youth Scotland staff who can provide support and training on a range of youth work topics.

Magnet magazine

Magnet is Youth Scotland's membership magazine. It's a guide to membership, insurance and what’s going on in the Youth Scotland network.

For everyone involved in community based youth work. Find out more about what we do and apply for membership.