Support your child to gain a qualification at home

A campaign to help accredit fun activities and to promote wellbeing for parents and young people

FREE Hi5 and Dynamic Youth Awards (DYA) offer a fun, home-based way to learn and earn accreditation for ages 5+ and 10+

Challenge sheets

The Youth Scotland network reaches over 65,000 young people and we know how disruptive and damaging the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is for parents and their children.

To support their wellbeing, and to recognise the fantastic achievements of young people’s activities during lockdown and beyond, we'd like to offer the first 1,000 Hi5 or DYA challenge sheets FREE to parents.

The Hi5 and DYA are wider achievement awards that follow an engaging plan-do-review format. Young people are the primary drivers at each stage, promoting a sense of ownership and achievement in completing an award. Hi5 Awards are aimed at ages 5+ and DYA at ages 10+.

All completed awards receive a certificate.

Youth Awards like Hi5 and DYA are a great way of recognising children and young people's personal achievements which is a key part of Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence. Recognising personal achievements can have a really positive effect on young people's confidence and motivation and help them connect experiences at home or in their community with all aspects of their school learning. 

Both awards are nationally recognised and are credit rated and levelled by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). The awards can be many young people’s very first qualification!

There is normally a charge, but this offer means that 1,000 (in any combination) of Hi5 and DYA challenge sheets will be free on a first-come-first-served basis, subject to the terms below.

  • First 1,000 awards are free - once they’re gone, they’re gone!
  • Email the awards team with your: name, which awards you would like to do (a combination is fine) and how many. We will then issue editable PDF and challenge sheet numbers
      - You are limited to 6 challenge sheets in total but should only claim one per child
  • Applicants will also be provided with our Awards at Home Toolkit, a handy set of activities designed to be appropriate for the awards but your child can include any activities they choose
  • Awards must be completed and submitted before the end of September 2020 (in line with the expiry of the editable PDF)
  • Offer is open from 8/6/20 and completed challenge sheets can be submitted until 30/9/20
  • We reserve the right to decide applicability for this offer and decisions are final

Simply click here to email us your details and the information required above and we will get in touch! (email us at with the subject: Parents as Partners offer.)

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