Trusted Adult Training

A suite of training modules to help support young people’s health and wellbeing. From sexual health awareness to social media and internet safety.

Trusted Adult Training

A suite of training modules to help support young people’s health and wellbeing.

Autism Awareness Workshop

This 'Hope for Autism' supported introductory workshop is designed to:

  • Raise your awareness of what is meant by 'autism'
  • Identify challenges you may be faced with
  • Look at ways to work with young autistic people who access your services
  • Where to access further information

We touch on aspects of the spectrum, challenges that may occur for each individual and help staff to be aware of how each young person may process information differently. 

Looking past the diagnosis and working with the young person you will learn how to identify what works for them and what doesn’t so that if a young person would like to attend or is already attending a youth service, the staff are able to create a beneficial and enjoyable experience. 

Understanding Challenging Behaviour

This introductory workshop is designed to increase your understanding and raise awareness of:

  • What do we mean by 'challenging behaviour'?
  • Why do some children/young people display challenging behaviour?
  • Identify challenges you may be face with
  • How can we support children/young people with their behaviour

Duration: 3 hours

Young People & Social Media/ Internet Safety

This session will look at what apps young people are using; the potential issues young people may face online and how to stay safe online.

This session will make reference to CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection).
Duration 2–3 hours

Sexual Health Awareness

This workshop will explore how to work with young people around sexual health, create the space to explore your personal values and raise awareness of the support and advice available.
Duration 2–3 hours

Young People & Self-esteem

This interactive workshop will explore the role of self-esteem on young people’s health and lifestyle choices and how to facilitate young people’s understanding of their own self-esteem.
Duration: 2–3 hours

Young People & Body Image

This workshop will explore the issue of body image and the impact it can have on young people.
Duration: 2–3 hours

Young People & Positive Coping Strategies

This workshop will explore a range of different coping strategies and create choices to create a pathway to a healthier lifestyle, manage stress, anger management, emotions and health for young people―with the added bonus staff can incorporate these for themselves.
Duration: 2–3 hours

Under Pressure: Teenage Relationship Exploitation

This introductory workshop will explore the topics of sexualisation, abuse prevention and early intervention initiatives with young people. It will increase your understanding of abuse within young people’s intimate relationships and help you think about how you can address these issues with the young people you work with.
Duration: 2–3 hours

Young People & Alcohol/Drugs

This interactive workshop will provide information on drugs/alcohol and look at emerging trends and explore techniques and strategies you can use in your own youth group.
Duration: 2–3 hours

Mental Health First Aid: Young People

The Scotland’s Mental Health First Aid: Young People (SMHFA:YP) is a 14-hour evidence-based blended learning course for adults who support young people between the ages of 11–17.

Participants will gain an increased knowledge and awareness of mental health issues, as well as improved confidence.
Duration: 14 hours

Times are flexible and each workshop can be adapted to meet the needs of the group. Taster sessions are available or we can provide longer to more in-depth sessions.

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